2017 Topper Asian Championships

As a prelude to the 2018 Topper Worlds, the first ever Topper Asian Championships was held from the 29th December 2017 to the 1st January 2018 in Longcheer Yacht Club, the venue for the Meisha Campus Topper World Championships 2018.

97 Topper sailors from 4 countries attended the event with strong performances all round. 3 good days of sailing were held in variable conditions.

1st, 2nd and 3rd were achieved by Emma Wang, Patrick Feng and Ma Yu, representing China.

International competitiors performed very well with their top representatives finishing:- Thailand 6th, India 8th and Vietnam 11th.

A photo of the Indian compeitors from the event, from Topper India, is available here.

Full results are available here in Chinese and English.

ITCA representatives were very pleased to attend and assist on and off the water, and were impressed with the running and organisation of the event. Meetings were held with the Chinese Yachting Association, Vanhang Sailing and sponsors Meisha Campus to progress plans for the 2018 Worlds.

The Chinese organisers are looking very much forward to welcoming Topper sailors from these countries and many more at the Worlds this August!