Committee structures

The key changes being implemented are:

1. Reconstituting the International Committee as follows:

  • The Commodore as Chair

  • Regional Directors

  • Youth Development Director

  • Management Committee

  • Technical Advisor and a Senior Equipment Inspector

  • At the AGM only, a representative from each NAITC to attend and vote on the decisions of the International Committee


2. Management Committee for the day to day running of ITCA:

  • Commodore

  • President

  • Vice-Presidents (currently Training and Racing)

  • Designer’s Representative

  • International Treasurer

  • Members of the Secretariat

  • Any co-opted person

3. Forming a Regatta Committee consisting of:

  • President

  • Members of the Secretariat

  • Vice-President Racing

  • Vice-President Safety

  • Chair of the Results Committee

Members of the Regatta Committee may also chair Committees formed at each event for:

  1. Race Management

  2. Event Management

  3. Results

4. Building on the existing Technical Committee and consisting of:

  • Vice-President Technical / Chair

  • Class recognised national measurers

  • Class recognised national equipment inspectors

  • Technical Advisor (the builder)

  • Vice-President Training

  • Vice-President Racing

5. Finally, to assist the Youth Development Director, creating a Training and Development Committee consisting of:

  • Vice-President Training

  • Class recognised coaches

  • NMA appointed coaches and / or youth and development officers

  • Youth Development Director

This new structure means doing the following as soon as practical:

A. Splitting the work of the existing Management Committee so that it is shared across:

  1. Regatta Committee

  2. Technical Committee

  3. Training and Development Committee

B. Recruit and appoint Regional Directors for Asia/Australasia, Americas, Europe, Africa and Oceania to:

  1. Promote youth development, establish relationships with regional NMAs to help get the Topper adopted as a recognised junior pathway class more widely

  2. Work with the International Secretariat to set up more NAITCs

  3. Work with the International Secretariat to plan and deliver regional events

  4. Liaise and work closely with builder dealers/agents

  5. Build more extensive regional communications

  6. Represent the class at international events such as the World Sailing Conference

C. Appoint a Youth Development Director to help develop youth and junior sailing in the Topper

D. Appoint a Head of Marketing and PR

E. Appoint a Vice-President Technical / Chair

F. Confirm the appointment of a Senior Equipment Inspector

G. At every event appoint a Chair of the Results Committee