French sailing history at the Topper at Worlds!

When Benoit Morier, who lives in Loctudy, heard about the 2017 Topper Worlds his son immediately entered and has had a great week.  With a little help from Topper International his old Topper was reactivated in no time!

Benoit’s uncle was the Topper agent in France many years ago, and so Benoit has three Toppers in his garden. He has great memories and a passion for the Topper.

Interestingly Benoit also had a Topper with a stayed mast plus jib. On the last day he brought it around to the beach and Abby Williamson sailed. Abby said “It was great fun. It picks up breeze very well, gets on the plane really easily and is an exciting sail. If it could be revived I think it would be a great addition to the Topper family. If you ever get a chance, give it a go.”

The two sail version was designed back in the late 90s and a few were sold to sailing schools so that they could get two people into the boat. Maybe Benoit has started a revival?