General Information

The International Topper is an ISAF recognised centreboard dinghy.  The winners of these Championships are recognised by ISAF as World Champions.  International Topper World Championships have been run since 1982, bianually up to 2006 and annually to present.  Venues have included Wales, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Austria, UAE, Scotland, Germany, Finland and Norway, and 2018 will be in China.

The International Class runs two World Championship series, the first for male and female sailors generally 13 years of age and above with an expected fleet of between 150 and 200 competitors. The second World Championship will run separately  for younger sailors using the smaller 4.2m2 sail and with approximately 50 competitors.

The International Class also runs an International Masters Championship open to male and female sailors aged 21 years of age and over.  This is not an ISAF event.

The 2018 World Championships will be held at Longcheer Yacht Club, Shenzhen, China from 16th - 21st August 2017.  Optional pre and post tour packages add to the adventure and are planned between 11th and 26th August.  For further information please click here.


Click here for a great video overview about the Topper.