ITCA Topper World Championships

The International Topper Class Association has announced that the 2019 International Topper Class World Championships will be held from July 22 – 26, 2019 at the International Sailing Centre, Medemblik, the Netherlands.

Online entry is now closed: Any late entries should be addressed to the

For guidance on the entry system, please see this page:

The Notice of Race is available from this link. The Sailing Instructions are now available here

The Rooster Topper Worlds 2019 clothing collection has now been lauched and is available to order online now here!

The Equipment Inspection form can be downloaded here.

Charter boats update

ITCA are making arrangements for a number of boats to be available for charter at the Worlds. We anticipate as many as 40 being available.

The 40 boats will be divided into two groups of 20 each.

First 20 boats

The first 20 will be for charter and will be used for those who are travelling but do not want to or cannot bring their own boats. These boats will be ‘nearly new’ and will be charged at £325 for the event.

We understand that these boats may come equipped with the original 3:1 kicker. Should these boats come supplied with a 6:1 kicker, we will be notified beforehand and will put a general posting on the ITCA website. If supplied with a 3:1 kicker the sailor may bring their own 6:1 kicker arrangement and fit it to the boat, or buy one at the event (subject to availability). However, at the end of the event, the sailor will be responsible to refitting the original 3:1 kicker as supplied.

20 boats for the Emerging Nations Programme

A further 20 boats will be reserved for the ITCA Emerging Nations Programme. This is based on the World Sailing Emerging Nations initiative and is intended to encourage wider participation from countries where:

·       Their resources are limited and/or;

·       There are smaller developing Topper fleets, and/or;

·       Distance and so cost would make it impossible for them to participate under normal circumstances and/or;

·       ITCA decide that special encouragement and support needs to be given.

The decision of ITCA on whether and who to allocate boats to under the Emerging Nations Programme will be final.


The hire contract will be directly between the hiree (sailor) and the hirers. However ITCA will create and maintain the list of applicants on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and allocate the boat to the sailor. The decision by ITCA on the boat allocated will be final. Please email your request to the International Secretary

A Loan Agreement between the hiree and the hirers will have to be signed at Registration prior to racing.

In all cases the hirer will need, if they aren’t already covered by an existing policy, insurance for the boat and also 3rd party cover as described in Clause 17 in the Notice of Race. Proof of this insurance will be required at Registration.

If you need insurance, ITCA are currently talking to insurers about this. Historically the fee has been about £30 per boat, but once the fee is known it will be posted on the ITCA website.

Finally, each hirer will still be expected to pay the full event entry fee.


The 2019 Worlds will provide a full week of sailing on a venue well known by sailors all over the world.  Sailors and their families will also be able enjoy the cultural and recreational venues of the Netherlands, Amsterdam and the town of Medemblik.

The International Sailing Centre Medemblik is the host of many international sailing events, including European and World Championships in various classes, the Delta Lloyd Regatta, Dutch Championships, and Class Championships.  Race and event management in Medemblik is of a truly world class standard.

The ISC Medemblik located directly on the Ijsselmeer, the largest lake in the Netherlands. It is a superb, spacious, and non-tidal water to sail on, without obstacles and with steady winds.

The facilities are outstanding and offer a great venue for our next Topper Worlds.  Within the International Sailing Centre facility are a shop, offices, a restaurant and pub, jury rooms, results centre, and large rest rooms with showers.  The picturesque town centre of Medemblick is historically rich and within walking distance of the Sailing Centre.

Medemblik is just a 40 minute drive to Amsterdam and the Schiphol International Airport.

There are a variety of accommodation types near to the event venue including camping, bungalow parks, and comfortable houses and hotels.

A Facebook Event page has been set up for this World Championships.

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