Life after the Topper

When a sailor reaches the decision that they must sadly leave Topper sailing it's good to know the options that are available to them.

Lots of sailors decide to leave Toppers for many different reasons e.g.

  • Their weight & size no longer make them competitive
  • Would like to sail a double-handed boat
  • Their friends have moved onto another class
  • No longer having fun in a Topper

If sailing an Topper is no longer enjoyable (for whatever the reason) then it's time to move on.

This new section of the website is designed to inform sailors of the different classes available to them when they leave Toppers. ITCA will not promote one class over another that is a decision for the sailor in consultation with their parents to make.

Hopefully over time this section will grow to encompass lots of information on the different options we have asked the other classes to provide information for this section and as soon as it becomes available it will be posted here.

 Our Stories - The Topper Experience and Life after Toppers

 Please tell us about your Topper Experience - memorable events, exciting moments, funny stories, and lifelong memories - and how it has influenced your future in sailing. What are you sailing now? What are your plans for the future?

Please send any contributions (just a few paragraphs and maybe a picture) to the Secretary We hope to expand this section and hopefully inspire young sailors with your experiences.