New edition of 5.3 sail to be launched & new sail number rules.

Topper International will shortly be launching a new style 5.3 sail. The class association would like to take this opportunity to standardise the colour and shape of sail numbers on Topper Sails. The class association therefore intends to make changes to the class rules to require the sail numbers on all new 5.3 sails to be black Topper Numbers, that is to say numbers cut from black digital 8s to the shape specificed in the class rules. Similarly event numbers (championships numbers) on new 5.3 sails will need to be white Topper Numbers (or such other colour as is specified in the class rules for sails that aren't red/blue), again cut from digital 8s. Note that the class association intends that these new class rules will apply to all new style 5.3 sails, even those purchased before the new class rules come into force. All purchasers of new style 5.3 sails are therefore strongly recommended to only use digital 8s, black or white as appropriate, cut in the approved manner, when attaching sail numbers and event (championship) numbers to their new sail; other shapes and colours of number may not be compliant with the new class rules when they come into force.

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