Reactivate your Topper!


Jonathan Tweedle and his Oxford Pirates team from Oxford Sailing Club, have won the 2018 RYA Dinghy Show Topper Reactivation competition.

The judges at Topper International Limited felt that they really demonstrated how the four old Army Toppers (31068, 34353, 31054, 31067) could really be brought back to life with a bit of expertise, ‘elbow grease’, teamwork and love. Well done to the team!



The Oxford Pirates and will be presented with their brand new race-ready Topper at the RYA Dinghy Show on stand B58 at 3pm on Saturday 2nd March.

If you would also like the chance to win a brand new race-ready Topper for your club, all you have to do is re-activate an old Topper.

So if you have old and unused Topper hulls at your club, the ‘Reactivate your Topper’ initiative aims to help you put the value back into them and get these dinghies back on the water.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with the Class Secretary: