Topper helps foster great international relations

On Friday 28th July there was an official reception for the Nanjing Chinese Topper delegation at the Town Hall in Loctudy, France during the Topper World Championships.

The many officials from Nanjing in China, including Mr Zhang Xiaoqi, the Chairman of the Nanjing Sports Industry Group, were welcomed at the Loctudy Mayor’s office by the Deputy Mayor Marie Hange Buanic and the local Senator Michel Canevec, who represents Finistere in the French Parliament.

The Deputy Mayor welcomed the Chinese delegates and both sides emphasised the importance of sport in encouraging excellent international relations. Gifts were exchanged and the Nanjing delegation invited officials from Loctudy to visit Nanjing.

Earlier in the week, the Mayor also hosted a reception for sailors and representatives from Macau, South Africa and China to welcome them to Loctudy.

Everyone is looking forward to the 2018 Topper Worlds at Longcheer Yacht Club, Shenzhen, China.