24 September 2019

The Skipper Foundation

You may have read of the great work going on at the Skipper Foundation in the May ITCA World newsletter, where the charity run by Elfie Holden is training 60 disadvantaged youths from Mossel Bay to learn to sail. The charity seeks to positively influence the lives of children from vulnerable areas and to provide a safe environment for them to learn not only sailing but also life skills.

The Foundations aims to provide a caring environment where youngsters are encouraged to do well in their schoolwork - the staff of the Skipper Foundation are a caring group of people who take a keen interest in each of the young sailor’s lives. Many of the parents or guardians looking after for these children do not know how to read or write themselves and are sadly unable to assist with any form of study.

The Skipper Foundation uses the Topper to challenge the children to better themselves in many areas of sailing. They are given the chance to take part in club championships in the Topper and get the opportunity to take part in local regattas, providing the sailors with a chance to interact with other kids from all walks of life.

Sadly, the Topper sails the at Skipper Foundation are now completely worn out and the charity has asked ITCA World if any sailors who regularly replace their 5.3 race sails might have an old sail that would still be useable as a training sail? We would love to support the great work of the Skipper Foundation, who helped to send 3 sailors to the 2019 Worlds in Medemblik by collecting 6-12 used sails to send out to Mossel Bay.

If you have a suitable 5.3 sail that still has some useful life left in it that you would like to donate to the Foundation, please contact the Secretary General at ITCAWorld 

Many thanks for your support!

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