07 July 2021

Topper 6.4's take on the Coolmoor race

Two Topper 6.4’s joined the annual junior dinghy Coolmore race, run by the Royal Cork Yacht Club, Ireland on the 2nd July.

36 sailors toke part in the annual mid-summer race down the Owenabue estuary to the club in Crosshaven, sailing through a scenic wooded area known as Drakes Pool (so called as Sir Francis Drake is reputed to have hid there from the Spanish Armada). It was great to see the crowd of parents and onlookers along the greenway cheering on the sailors.

The fleet enjoyed a lovely North-Westerly breeze to speed the sailors journey home. Many of the sailors choose dinghies they don’t otherwise sail, with the 6.4’s being raced for the first time by two Topper graduates, so it would be interesting in to see how they fared in the mixed handicap fleet.

Sailing off a provisional Portsmouth Yardstick number of 1314 calculated by Topper International, the two 6.4 rigs acquitted themselves well, finishing 7th & 8th in the 24-boat fleet.

As a more social race the full potential of the Topper 6.4 was yet to be unleashed, but as an opportunity for more sailors to try the bigger Topper rig, the Coolmore Race was a great success. Hear what they said about the 6.4 rig:



 Photos by Turlough Fitzpatrick 


Full results

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