13 April 2021

Topper sailing in the snow!

It's great to see Toppers out racing again in the UK and the Jets having a great training day over the Easter holidays in the sun.
If you still think its cold in Europe, spare a thought for Noé and his sister Salina as they take their new Toppers for a sail in the chilly waters 70° North in Norway! Their aim is to start a local sailing club and introduce the local Inuits to the fun of Topper sailing.
Mum Sabine reports, "Who would have thought when we participated in the Topper World Championships in Medemblik, in 2019, that we would sail once a Topper in the High Arctic? Now, finally, even 2 Toppers dinghies have arrived! Noé, the initiator of this project, is overjoyed!
We want to thank Roger Proctor and Topper International for their support in making this happen and for donating the 2 Topper dinghies - one an 1980 re-activated boat as good as new! Next week, we will start regular training sessions in Arctic waters. Though we've mainly spoken of kids sailing them, adults don't be discouraged! The Topper dinghies are also perfect for adults to try out sailing. They offer a unique and fun way to feel the forces of nature. We can't wait to see you all out there on the water!"
Noé and his family will all be at the Topper Worlds in Cork in July, so get practicing and complete your entry now, as the host venue needs to see a viable entry level to let the event go ahead. So don't delay - enter today!

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