3 Rigs - 1 Hull

The standard sail is 5.3 m2 and the 4.2 m2 sail allows 8/9 years upwards Topper sailors plus the smaller older ones to enjoy the thrill of sailing Toppers without having to reef the full sized sail. The small sail is inexpensive and it’s pretty quick in the hands of a 30 - 40kg sailor. It doesn’t require a special mast or boom or a change of controls.

The new 6.4 rig now caters for 65-85kg sailors who wish to stay in the friendly Topper fleet, as well as older sailors returning to the class.

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Two toppers racing

The low-cost route to fun sailing.

Whether just messing about in boats, having fun off the beach, learning to sail, or competitive racing, there are so many reasons for choosing the fantastic Topper! It requires little maintenance, is easily rigged in minutes, rugged and safe for beginners plus an exciting race boat as your skills develop and it is car-toppable too! Read our guide to buying a used Topper or ‘reactivating’ a faded old boat to bring it back to life.

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Sailor in an original Topper
Topper history

The Topper was designed by Ian Proctor whose other boats include the popular Wayfarer.

It was originally constructed in GRP but this was soon changed to an injection moulding construction. After well over 25 years of continuous production (approaching 55,000 boats!) it is the outstanding build quality, durability and innovative design features that have made the Topper a very popular boat.

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Giles Scott, former Topper sailor now Olympic Finn Gold medalist in his Finn
Topper Alumni

The International Topper Class has a long history of success in developing Olympic sailors of both genders.

Former Topper sailors Giles Scott (pictured), Chris Grube, Ian Walker, Pippa Wilson, Alain Sign, Annie Lush, Nicola Groves, Dylan Fletcher, Alison Young and Elliot Hanson (all GBR) together with Finn Lynch, Annalise Murphy and Ryan Seaton (IRL) have all been selected for the Olympic Games in recent years. Some of these sailors have gone on to Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup campaigns too.

The pedigree is clear and is growing around the world as China has invested heavily in the Topper Class, providing training and high-level coaching to over 200 youth sailors, as well as supporting them to compete at major international events.

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