Three styles of Topper
3 Rigs - 1 Hull

Whether just having fun off a beach, learning to sail, flat out blasting or competitive racing, there are so many reasons for choosing the fantastic Topper! It requires little maintenance, is easily rigged in a matter of minutes, is rugged and safe for beginners and an exciting race boat as your skills develop and it is car-toppable!

The standard sail is 5.3 m2 and suits sailors between 47-65kg, whilst the smaller 4.2 m2 sail allows 8/9 year olds upwards and lighter older ones to enjoy the thrill of sailing the Topper without having to reef the full sized sail. The small sail is inexpensive and it’s pretty quick in the hands of a 30 - 40kg sailor. The 4.2m2 sail doesn’t require a special mast, boom or any change of controls.

The new 6.4 rig now caters for 65-85kg sailors who wish to stay in the friendly Topper fleet, as well as Topper graduates returning to the class.

New Topper 6.4 rig racing in the Coolmoor race, Royal Cork Yacht Club 2021.

New 6.4 rig - the next step...

In response to requests from sailors from 65Kg upwards who wished to remain in the friendly Topper class, a new 6.4m2 sail has been developed for larger youths and smaller adults who enjoy the camaraderie of Topper sailing throughout the world.

It is very simple to upgrade from the 5.3 m2 to the 6.4m2 rig, with no need to change any controls. All that is required is the new radial cut, battened 6.4m2 mainsail and a longer top mast section. To optimise performance there are some optional extra parts available including an epoxy fibreglass rudder blade, a collar to raise the boom and a shorter boom section. Topper International are offering an introductory package for the new sail and all the optional extras. Contact Topper International to order your 6.4 rig package.

The addition of the 6.4 rig makes the Topper a boat to sail, enjoy and compete in throughout your lifetime.

The International Topper - a boat for life!