The Topper is undeniably one of the world’s fastest growing youth boats with over 200 competing at this year’s world championships in Loctudy. Even though the level of competition is intense, the primary focus has always been centered around the enjoyment of sailing as a sport and the promotion of friendship and comradery across nations.

Wednesday night and the campsite is unusually quiet for 10.00PM. The atmosphere has changed. It is the evening before the start of the 2 days of final competition. The flights have been determined and it is now up to the sailors to make the most of where they ended up at the end of the qualifiers. There is always disappointment at not making your intended flight.

Wednesday morning arrived quickly for the sailors as the last battle for prime positions in the final grouping commenced.  A dull ominous sky gave the first indication that the weather may not as glorious as the first two days.  With another start time of 2.00pm, wind conditions started at approximately 10-12 knots for the first couple of starts of the day.

Day two and a completely different set of conditions faced the competitors with a lighter wind and a more noticeable tidal current. This was the day for those who may not have had such a perfect start to the competition, to try to grab back a few places before entering day the final days qualification stages on Wednesday.

Today marked the start of the Topper World Championships in Loctudy… and what a day with sunshine (very enjoyable after the persistent rain of yesterday) and a fairly stiff breeze with some of the gusts reaching highs in the 20kts. The 5.3 fleet set out at one o’clock and made their way to the race course for a 2 o’clock start in what was to be a windy day.