With preparation for the Rooster International Topper Class World Championships in Loctudy well under way, registration opened early this morning and many Chinese sailors were up at the crack of dawn and rigging for an early start on the water. Not to be outdone, many British and Irish sailors promptly joined the mix, making it a great sight to see, even before the event started!

ITCA is very pleased to welcome Sacqua as a supporting sponsor for the 2017 Rooster International Topper Worlds!

A SACQUA is a compact, foldable, space-saving, voluminous, stylish storage and loading solution for all boat owners and sailors. It is so versatile it can be used for all sea-sports and any vessel, from a dinghy to a super-yacht.

Back in the mists of time (before Progrip and daggerboard elastic taken to the bow) daggerboard were held up with a piece of bungy cord that wrapped around the back of the daggerboard and located in the notches that you see there. These notches are no longer used and they do slow the boat down a bit.

How can you increase your fleet of Junior/youth sailing boats? How can you get your old boat going again? The answer is simple, re-activate your Toppers!

The latest version of the ITCA Newsletter has now been published, with info on the 2017 Rooster Topper Worlds in Loctudy, France and preliminary information on the Topper Worlds Adventure 2018 in China.  Click here to view.